Mega Maiden#1 comes to the Pinkardverse! beginning in april
It is with a great deal of excitement, for me to announce GeekRiot comics staple - Mega Maiden(Mega maiden and the chop chop princess) will be joining the pinkardverse this April!. Pinkard! comix will be republishing the original 7 issues as The Young Idols are penned into it's original storyline with Issue #8.
Do wanna build a harem?
Do you wanna build a harem with CHII(tsu)? Shonen Punk! Remix #1-4 now at Drivethru Comics!

Shonen Punk! Remix #1 is now at Drivethru Comics in Digital format! Chiitsu Pinkada is a 30 years old punk rock otaku/ f...

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Shonen Punk! Remix #1